The Mystery of Eldorado

Many explorers have long sought Eldorado in the heart of the forest. The City Adventurers became the latest group of explorers to seek the legendary golden city, without finding it. While flying back home, the head of a statue crashed against the plane and we had to parachute to safety…

…..and so began the Deckscape game The Mystery of Eldorado.

Playing the game

With no rule book or board there was little game setup involved and we only needed a pen and paper and a clock. The game started with a caution card telling us all the cards must be in order from card 1 to 60. The following cards explained how the game will progress and introduced the story.

The story :- With our plane about to crash, we had to parachute to safety and were only able to grab two objects from a list of four to aid us when we landed in the forest below. Having made our choice, we violently crashed to the ground and had our phones stolen by a nearby monkey.

Emergengy Landing :- The next card explained the types of cards in the deck.

  • Puzzle cards show a picture and a question. Get the right answer and you can flip the card and carry on. However, if you get the answer wrong you’ve mad an error and score a Z point against you.
  • Item cards may be useful more than once so you need to keep them visible to all players. they are needed to solve some of the puzzles. Again you can score points against the team if you try to solve a puzzle without the right item.
  • A score card is included in the card pack so you can keep score. It is possible to remove negative Z points. However, should you do so badly you score 3 Z points, your score becomes an X. Unlike Z’s, which can be removed by certain actions, X points are harder to remove.
  • In addition to the cards, this Deckscape game includes a paper leaflet that comes into play during the game.

welcome to the jungle :- As we moved through the game, we moved through the jungle. At various times we were instructed to draw some cards and place them into piles. The game was not completely linear as we could choose which pile to work on at any one time. This increased the chance of trying to solve a puzzle without the correct item as we had not acquired it yet.

The first puzzles were deemed easy as there was no hint card to look at. However, part way through the game we did acquire a clue card or two.

As with other Deckscape games, this one states it is designed for 1 to 6 players. And again we were playing as a couple, which were enough players. I’d say 6 would be too many. With two of us, it took just over 1.5 hours to complete.

A fun game. Recommended

The Mystery of Eldorado by Deckscape is available from Amazon

Eldorado - deckspace - photo by Juliamaud
Eldorado – deckspace – photo by Juliamaud

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