Cracking the Case with Mystery-Themed Jigsaws and Board Games

Do you love puzzles and mysteries? If so, then you’ll love mystery jigsaws and board games! These unique games combine the best of both worlds, challenging you to solve a puzzle while also using your detective skills to crack a case. Mystery jigsaws are just like regular jigsaws, but with a twist. Once you’ve assembled… More Cracking the Case with Mystery-Themed Jigsaws and Board Games

Pushed for Time

The City Adventurers were on a roll (pun intended) with playing escape rooms at Escape Plan in Shoreditch. In March we completed The Adventure Begins, and Roll Out The Barrel and were eager to play their new game Pushed for Time which had been under construction. Due to open in April 2024, Pushed for Time promised to be very different from their… More Pushed for Time

Roll out the Barrel

Having completed The Adventure Begins, the team had a well deserved coffee break, then returned to Escape Plan in Shoreditch for another challenge. This time the International City Adventurers Team were taking on a more lighthearted mission involving beer. The Story It’s 1945 and the Air Commodores at RAF Tangmere have secured a barrel of the finest ale,… More Roll out the Barrel

The Adventure Begins

The City Adventurers are always up for another exciting mission, so when the call came through from our American counterpart, Krista, we jumped at the chance. She was heading to London for a couple of historic missions; the first involving a break out from a prisoner of war camp…… We arranged to rendezvous at a building called… More The Adventure Begins

Exit the Game – Theft on the Mississippi

The City Adventurers found themselves transported back in time to 1872. We were on board a paddle-wheel steamboat called the River Queen, travelling down the Mississippi. This would not be a relaxing journey, as, when a crime was committed, the Captain immediately called for our help as private investigators. It turned out a successful businessman… More Exit the Game – Theft on the Mississippi

Marvo Mysteries: M.A.R.V.O. Induction

The City Adventurers are often tasked with recovering mysterious artifacts so it was not surprising that we found ourselves preparing for another mission on the outskirts of Bournemouth. This time we were undergoing an evaluation to become M.A.R.V.O agents. The Story You enter the world of M.A.R.V.O as Volunteers looking to recover a Mysterious Artifact.… More Marvo Mysteries: M.A.R.V.O. Induction