Murder on The Nile

Murder on The Nile is also known as the Murder by the Pyramids

This is a Hercule Poirot murder mystery story with a jigsaw puzzle attached. As you would imagine from the title, the setting is a trip on a glamorous river steamer on the Nile.

murder on the Nile
Murder on the Nile

With these sort of 1,000-piece puzzles the picture is not anything like the photographs on the box front. Although the box suggests you read the story first, the City adventurers dived straight into completing the jigsaw instead.

Having completed the puzzle we set about reading the story. As the story unfolded we met the cast of characters boarding the ship. Which one of them would meet a grisly end and who would be to blame? We needed to complete the tale and review our jigsaw for the answers.

The story was good and the clues in the picture were able to lead to a possible suspect.


The Murder on The Nile is available from Amazon

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