Witch’s Kitchen

Over Christmas we took a woodland walk and discovered a delicious mushroom. Taking a tiny bite, our world started to spin and we realized that the mushrooms were poisonous! Falling into a large hollow, we found ourselves in a witch’s woodland kitchen. But would we be able to find an antidote to the mushroom and save ourselves?…….

OK, so we didn’t really go foraging in Epping Forest. Or any other woodland for that matter. Instead we unwrapped another Exit Room Escape Puzzle jigsaw by Ravensburger. This one was Witch’s Kitchen, a 759pc Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle.

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We’d already completed the Space Observatory Mystery and were looking forward to another challenging jigsaw puzzle. As before the puzzle image is not the same as the picture on the box, so we had to guess what had changed. Then we had to solve the 8 mysteries hidden within the puzzle.

Again it took us a few days to complete the jigsaw. This time we were able to complete the edges before attempting the middle. (We’d recommend starting with the middle and working out for the other title.) Once it was completed we set about solving the puzzles. We ended up with 8 numbers that related to pieces around the edge of the jigsaw. These 8 pieces fitted together to make a mini square frame that helped us to find the answer to our quest. 

Having solved the puzzles we checked our answer with the one in the sealed envelope.

There is also a QR code that can be scanned to give additional clues. We didn’t use it until after we’d solved the puzzle, but it appears to give additional help, unlike the solution envelope that just gives the answer.

We have found both the Ravensburger Exit Puzzle and Ravensburger Escape Puzzle great fun to do. Recommended.

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