Roll out the Barrel

Having completed The Adventure Begins, the team had a well deserved coffee break, then returned to Escape Plan in Shoreditch for another challenge. This time the International City Adventurers Team were taking on a more lighthearted mission involving beer.

The Story

It’s 1945 and the Air Commodores at RAF Tangmere have secured a barrel of the finest ale, which they shipped in secretly last night. Whilst they are planning a jolly good knees-up for the senior officers, you and the rest of the squadron face an austere Victory Day celebration. But the Air Commodores have been called away to Sector Control and there’s a window of opportunity to break in, find the stash, and roll out the barrel!

Roll Out The Barrel - City Adventurers at Escape Plan
Roll Out The Barrel – City Adventurers at Escape Plan

Roll out the Barrel is set around (an unspecified) Victory Day, with our mission to break into the officers’ quarters to rescue/steal their alcohol stash so we can celebrate accordingly.

The puzzles were varied but all on theme, with some amazing props and a truly wonderful puzzle that took up most of the wall. Talk about puzzle envy.

There was even a musical puzzle that had us singing along. (singing is optional).

Like the previous room, where there were padlocks, but you knew which solution went with which padlock, so no wasting time trying a combination on every padlock.

Oh and there was one puzzle that took me ages. Much longer than it should have done, while I listened to the others solving things behind me…And I found out after we finished the game that there was a hidden hint to it that could have shortened my time!

After we had played I noticed that one reviewer had said at least one person in your group needed to be agile. Escape plan have a work around for this, although Ian had completed that particular task before we could be offered that option!

This room had a lighter, upbeat feel about it and was a good way to end our mission. In fact we enjoyed it slightly more that the last game

A great game that we managed to escape in 47.49 minutes.

Highly recommended

Tickets for Roll out the Barrel are available from

we rolled out the barrel - photo by Juliamaud
We rolled out the barrel – photo by Juliamaud

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