The Adventure Begins

The City Adventurers are always up for another exciting mission, so when the call came through from our American counterpart, Krista, we jumped at the chance. She was heading to London for a couple of historic missions; the first involving a break out from a prisoner of war camp……

We arranged to rendezvous at a building called Rich Mix, at a company called Escape Plan. Our adventure began by meeting Sarah, our Games Master, who led us downstairs, to where The Adventure Begins!

The Story

Set in the barracks of a P.O.W camp, you and your comrades quickly discover the legend of Bob Hails – the only prisoner to have successfully escaped the camp. And what’s more he’s left you his journal to help you and your team evade the enemy and make your own great escape. But do you have what it takes to earn your freedom? 

The Adventure Begins - City Adventurers at Escape Plan
The Adventure Begins – City Adventurers at Escape Plan

For The Adventure Begins we found ourselves locked up in a WW2 prisoner of war camp. Our hut contained bunk beds, exercise equipment and other paraphernalia from the era. The set and props are high quality, with everything being well crafted and in great condition.

We were given the journal of Bob Hails, the only prisoner to have successfully escaped the camp, to help us in our escape. We had been told that we would need to get out of the hut, and the camp itself, without being caught by the commandant and the guards. The atmosphere of danger was enhanced by the soundtrack, which included barking dogs searching for us. Luckily we had bolted the doors….

There are quite a few padlocks in this game, but each puzzle had a unique symbol so we could tell which lock a particular code related to. This was great as it stopped us wasting time trying the code in every lock. The puzzles were varied and included some clever custom-designed items.

Everything followed a logical pattern with no logic leaps. For the first part of the game we completed the puzzles without any hints. We had been told in advance that only one item would be used more than once to solve puzzles. When we came across this, in the second part of the game, we were reminded via the hint system speaker.

Yes, the game is split into two sections. Part way through the game, we managed to escape our hut by way of a short crawl. There is a work around should team members prefer not to crawl.

We found it a great game to play and managed to escape in 54.06 minutes.

Highly recommended

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Escape Plan - mission accomplished - photo by Juliamaud
Escape Plan – mission accomplished – photo by Juliamaud

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