Panic Room

The City Adventurers heard that something very secret has been uncovered on Harlow.

Why Harlow? Well that was the home of a crazy conspiracy theorist. A man who had been bombarding the newspapers with all kinds of insane nonsense about the government. A man that had devoted his life to the supernatural and paranormal investigations.

A man who was now dead!

His body had been found dead in the middle of his mansion. It appeared that the conspiracy theorist may have been right about something after all…….

The City Adventurers were sent to uncover the truth about his death and to find out what he had discovered. We needed to spread the word about his discoveries and his revelations.

And we needed to do this before the police turned up to destroy the evidence……

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, snooping around a dead man’s home was sure to make us prime murder suspects into the bargain!

This would be an unforgettable experience, as long as we remembered… Don’t Panic!

How we got on

The Panic Room venue is above the Harvey shopping centre in the centre of Harlow. Fairly easy to find. You just leave the main mall, head along the outside wall and find the door to the leisure complex upstairs. And by upstairs, we do mean stairs. There are no lifts/escalators.

So we climbed up to the first floor and found the Laser Tag area full of kids. Well, it was Saturday lunchtime so what did we expect? The Laser reception informed Panic Rooms we had arrived and we went to sit in the bar area. (Not the nicest of places, with sticky floors and no light in the ladies toilet – we used our phones as torches in case you’re wondering)

Luckily we were soon greeted by our Games Master, Mitch W. He got us to sign waivers. Then we were taken upstairs (even more stairs) as the escape rooms are on the top floor.

The Puzzles

The room is decorated as a conspiracy theorist’s home, with old furniture and references to UFO’s around.

This is a highly traditional escape room with a good mixture of padlocks and tech. It includes logic and observational puzzles, plus search tasks. There is also a health and safety warning concerning one puzzle (no spoilers).

The game flowed well in a non-linear structure, with everyone having something to do. Especially on a very special search task (no spoilers).

The room is not an easy room to complete as there is a lot to do. Also, the Panic Room limit you to three clues. We were a little worried we may need more, but as it turned out, we only needed one nudge in the right direction at the end of the game.

Did we succeed? Yes, We escaped from the room with just over 2 minutes to spare.

Panic Room
Panic Room

The company is named after The Panic Room, as that was it’s first escape room, which used to be in Gravesend. There are now Panic Room operations in Gravesend Harlow and Niagara Falls.

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