Enigma Quests: Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

Yet again the City Adventurers were called on to save the world from nuclear disaster… It turned out a submarine containing a bomb of atomic destruction lay at the bottom of the ocean. Our team would need to diffuse the bomb and get ourselves out before the world was changed forever!

How we got on

This is the latest escape room from Enigma Quest group. We had booked Submarine WaveBreak before the pandemic hit and had been waiting to play it ever since. We’d loved the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had taken a few groups to Million Pound Heist, so we expected the new game to be as good. (No pressure).

We were not disappointed.

The Puzzles

The big submarine door swung open and we found ourselves inside the submarine.

The first area was an engine room, with a locked hatch door to the rest of the vessel. This area was quite sparse, but we could see other areas we needed to reach so we set about finding the codes and solving the puzzles to access the rest of the vessel.

As you’d expect on a nuclear submarine, when we reached the control room, it had high tech computer panels. And, despite being told in the briefing that there are no touch screens, we found ourselves touching things before finding the puzzles to make the controls work.

The game is fairly non-linear with puzzles that linked well to the theme. It wasn’t until afterwards that we realised there were no padlocks in this room.

Throughout the game the team spent time searching individually, then working in small teams to solve the puzzles and access the next area. However the final area had a meta puzzle that required us all to work together as one.

And be warned, you only have one chance to solve that puzzle and save the world. So you’d better get it right!

Did we get it right? YES WE SAVED THE WORLD!

It was only when we abandoned the submarine, and arrived back on dry land with our Games Master that we learnt 70% of teams don’t. So very well done to the City Adventurers.

Mission WaveBreak can be booked at the Enigma Quest’s website.

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