Escape From the Space Station

It’s not everyday you find yourself trapped on a space station that’s hurtling towards an asteroid belt! The City Adventurers quickly needed a solution to our problem. We discovered our only shot at safety lay with a note written in a strange alphabet. We would need to decode the note and follow its instruction if we were to have any chance of making it back to Earth……..

Escape from the Space Station - photo by Juliamaud
Escape from the Space Station – photo by Juliamaud

The “Escape from the Space Station” escape room in a box comes in a small box. Small enough for us to take it on holiday. We were glad we had when our beach holiday suddenly had a morning of rain. The box contains 12 different puzzle cards, a spaceship brochure, a solar system map, a shuttle control diagram plus instructions and solutions.

The game requires you to decode the weird alphabet and translate the message. We split the puzzles between us and expected we’d have to decode the whole alphabet. In fact you only need to decode some of the letters to complete the translations and escape.

There are a variety of puzzles, requiring a number of different skills to solve them, so something for everyone. We took just over an hour to complete the game.

Good Fun to play

Escape from the Space Station is a Professor Puzzle escape room game in a box. It is available from Amazon at

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