The Code Agency Düsseldorf

While on a mission to visit the Christmas Markets Düsseldorf, the City Adventurers were tasked with another, more dangerous mission.

The Code Agency, located at Stresemannplatz, Düsseldorf, looks like a normal café/bar serving coffee and pasta. But it hides a hides a secret…..This is where adventurers travel in search of the scepter of light. After a coffee and pasta break, The City Adventurers were ready to try their hand at finding the scepter of light.


TimeTravel-Mission: It will be very varied and you will travel to several places. According to legends, a huge source of energy that first appeared in the 8th century and the trace of which was lost…

After checking in with our Games master and locking up our belongings we were shown to the entrance to the game. The first room is small and in absolute darkness. An audio intro is played before a door opens onto the first realm.

Although dark, we used the one phone flashlight we had brought with us and began finding things. Soon a second area opened up with similar themed decor. Again this room was dark but whereas we were able to solve things to gain us more light in the first room, that was not an option in the second. With only one light source (that we’d brought from outside) we struggled to see the puzzles and were glad to more on to the next area.

Each are we moved through had great set dressing keeping you immersed throughout the game. There were no padlocks used and a good variety of puzzles. One even involved a level of sporting skill (which took us quite a few attempts).

There is a fair bit of climbing and crawling involved. Not always in the way you expect. There were even surprise games master involvements at points in the game that added to the story.

The grand finale had a couple of surprises in store. Not least something I’d not done since my school days!

We succeeded after 75 minutes of a 90 minute game.

The scepter of light - dusseldorf
The scepter of light – dusseldorf

Shame that the victory photo came out such a strange colour!

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