Jungle Hunt

The City Adventurers were on vacation (in Bournemouth) when they got the call their expertise was needed. There had been a kidnapping and they were the only ones that could help!

The Story

In the depths of the jungle, two tribes have been at war for a very long time, the Watchati tribe and the Watchatchu tribe.

To settle their differences, they had decided to marry off the prince and the princess from each tribe. An important part of the wedding ceremony included a sacred white bat, the ‘Shikaka’. Unfortunately, someone has kidnapped the bat!

Our mission was to find and rescue the bat in time for the wedding……or risk being trapped in the jungle while war breaks out!

Our time was limited as the wedding was in one hour…

We immediately gathered our team and set off for a Jungle Hunt at Lockey in Bournemouth.


We were meeting up with friends who had not played an escape room before so were hoping this would be a good experience and show them why we love escaping. We found the venue easily on our walk through the town, but when we went there to start the game the place was locked. Our friends had messaged they were outside but there was no sign of them! Curious.

Turns out Lockey has two venues in Bournemouth. one in Yelverton Road, where the Jungle Hunt is situated and one at the Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, where our friends had parked. As our venue was locked up we headed to the shopping mall and found the rest of our team near the VR Centre.

We were collected by our GM who walked us back to Yelverton Road and went through the briefing. One of us was handed a walkie talkie as a way of getting hints. This method made sense as it was in keeping with the theme of being lost in the jungle and we ended up shared the walkie talkie throughout the game. We were told that the hints would start quite cryptic and get more obvious if we were struggling.

Also in keeping with being in a jungle, there was no clock.

We were shown into what looked like a temple and left to look for clues. There was only one padlock in the room so we began searching for a key. As we solved puzzles the “magic” of the game unlocked.

(spoiler) Soon we were transported to the jungle itself. This dramatic scene change evoked surprise from our companions and added to the excitement of the game.

The game was quite physical rather than relying on technology. Yes, technology was obviously involved rather than “magic” but it was well hidden so we only saw the physical side of the puzzles.

There was some crawling involved, although we were asked before if the game if we were all happy to do that. The puzzles themselves incorporated a wide variety of skills and kept the team busy. We did need a few hints along the way. Not sure if we were just out of practice, but we seemed to be great at finding things and less great at working out what to do with them!

The Ending

The good news is we found the white bat and won the game.Hurrah!

Mission completed in 55.13 minutes.

Tickets to Jungle Hunt – Bournemouth are available at https://thelockey.com/escape-rooms/junglehunt/

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