Temple Quest

How many of you remember the famous explorer Rex Hunter? No, me neither. It turns out that two years ago he mysteriously disappeared whilst on a quest to retrieve the Golden Monkey.

A few months ago, The City Adventurers were enlisted by the Royal Institute to investigate the disappearance of Rex and complete his mission. We needed to find the hidden temple and return with the famous monkey statue.

Our death defying mission began with a trip into deepest Kent to be briefed…..

Temple Quest plot

“Legend has it, that in the heart of the Aztec Jungle, there stands a hidden Temple – home of the Golden Monkey statue.

Do you have the tribal instinct required to decipher the cryptic clues, break into the Temple and discover the hidden mysteries that await? Escape reality and immerse yourself in a boulder-dashing, jungle-swinging 60 minutes – packed full of mazes, secret passages and cryptic games for everyone to enjoy.

Can you solve the mystery of Temple Quest? Will you find the Golden Monkey and escape in time? “


​How did we get on?

The Temple Quest game is in the additional Clue Cracker building, just over the road from their original location in Shufflehouse. The glass fronted corner unit was easy to spot as we walked up from the nearby car park.

Katie briefed us about the disappearance of explorer Rex Hunter and our mission. It seemed a curse had fallen on the Temple of the Golden Monkey and we needed to find a way into the temple, just as Rex had done, and break the curse.

How hard could it be?

Well, fairly hard, as no one that had entered the temple had ever returned!

Katie gave us our explorer helmets and a satchel and we headed to the entrance to the temple to begin our quest.

Entering the sand strewn outer temple, it really did feel like we were on an Indiana Jones type mission. As with all Clue Cracker games, the sets are amazing.

This game promised boulder dashing and jungle swinging and during the game, we did encounter boulders and jungle swinging. Some puzzles can be quite strenuous when working as a pair, but no more than the puzzles within Crystal Maze. One task requires a bit of flexibility, but there is nothing within the game that is physically difficult. This is not like Go Ape or anything that involves climbing or running.

The game contains so many puzzles and they all enhance the story as you work your way through. ​​As a team of two, it was hard to pack in all the puzzles within an hour.  (Katie kindly let us go over, to 72 minutes 3 seconds, so we could complete all the challenges)

As for clues, we were given a monkey assistant, who was always on hand should we need help. The monkey, who was quite funny, also gave us updates on time as there were no timers in the room.

We had a fantastic time and can thoroughly recommend this adventure.

Temple Quest
Temple Quest

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