Department Of Magic

While in Edinburgh, the City Adventurers made a couple of visits to the home of witchcraft & wizardry – the Department of Magic.

Our team of four had heard that the world of witchcraft and wizardry was in peril. Their task was to collect The Prophecies that The Dark Lord had scattered throughout the Department of Magic. Working together, they managed to find them all and use them before it was too late……

They had so much fun, that a group of six of us returned to try out the Department of Magic‘s other quest.

This time we were on the side of The Dark Lord and our task was to resurrect the Dark Lord. We were lead away from the department of magic to the Mausoleum Of The Dead (down the hill and round the corner). We had to retrieve hidden artefacts, create a spell binding potion and find the right dark magic incantation to bring him back. We’d only have 50 minutes to do this, but hey, we had experience on our side!

Magical Escape rooms

Not sure if there were some glitches with the mechanics or if the GM had to trigger something when we got things right. There were times we completed a puzzle and nothing seemed to happen. Then later someone else would check it and the artefact was revealed. The penultimate puzzle was our favourite and required a lot of team work.

And yes, we completed our quest and had a fun time.

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