Survival Escape Training

The 2020 pandemic has got us constantly thinking Hands – Face – Space. But who knows what other unprecedented events may lie ahead and how we will be expected to act to save ourselves.

Hopefully whatever happens won’t involve mad scientists, vampires or zombies……but just in case, Cluequest have a survival training experience to help you prepare. Originally written for Halloween, who knows when this Survival Escape Training will come in useful.

Could you use some Survival Escape Training from ClueQuest?

Take the tests and learn how to deal with a whole host of spooky surprises – including cunning vampires hiding among us, mad scientists with their creepy creations, and hungry zombies out for your brains!

Halloween – Survival Escape Training

The City Adventurers were put through our paces a few weeks ago.

First we downloaded the PDF’s and cut out the game. There are 26 black and white pages to print at home. (Alternatively, you can buy a coloured copy and have it printed and sent to you.)

Then, with everything to hand, we logged on to the website to start the game. The timer starts as soon as you press the button, so we checked we had everything ready before we started.

The story is told through a series of videos, plus pages where you input your answers, so unlike some boxed games, we needed an internet connection.

The survival training is played over three sections, with a final exam at the end. We managed to identify Vampires, complete our training on creatures and solve puzzles on Zombies. There were a good mixture of puzzles, some harder than others. We especially liked the audio puzzles, which we had not come across before. We also thought it was a nice touch that there were quotes at the beginning of each section.

We managed to pass the final exam and finish around 59.57 minutes. We may not be fast, but we really enjoyed playing this adventure. Recommended.

This print-cut-&-play game is available from

Disclosure: City Adventurers would like to thank ClueQuest for providing a sample of the game. Although this complimentary experience was generously provided, it did not impact our opinion of the game.

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