UNDO – Cherry Blossom Festival

I was searching for play at home escape room games and came across the UNDO series, which were described as being a card game similar to Deckscape games. Spoiler : It’s not a puzzle solving escape game.

Having bought a couple of titles, we settled down to play UNDO: Cherry Blossom Festival 

Cherry Blossom Festival is one of three initial cases of the UNDO series. Rather than solve puzzles, you are required to travel through time, rewriting the past. A bit like Quantum leap with cards.

The story begins with a man lying dead. You play “fate weavers”, who have the power to travel throughout his past and help make changes so that he does not end up like this. You can travel minutes or hours back in time, or even take a leap into the future. However, you only have a limited number of moves and a limited number of things you can change each leap.

While each time jump gives another choice in how to change the past, not every change is a turn for the better!

So, not a puzzle solving game as such. But still enjoyable. We ended up playing a couple of times as you can choose different leaps and different changes each play. When you think you have the best outcome, you can check the solution provided with the game.

UNDO: Cherry Blossom Festival Plot

Okayama, Japan, March 2000: A man in his sixties lies lifelessly on the floor of his living room, a broken wine glass and the photo of a young woman in a wheelchair next to him. The deceased wears an old-fashioned blue suit and has no visible injuries aside from a barely perceptible scar above the eye. In his jacket a telephone rings with the melody of “Moonlight Sonata” and on the table lie cherry blossom branches…

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