Jet 2 Space Adventure

The year is 2099 and we’ve decided we need a mini break. Somewhere out-of-this-world……

Taking a bus to the Coach and Horses in Leyton, we arrived at the launch pad for our rocket into space. Where would we be heading? Mars? Jupiter? Well wherever we’d intending travelling we were in for a surprise. You see we had made the mistake of buying the cheapest tickets to space on the market. 

We should have realised when we were met by our flight attendant, Dylan.

Well, I say flight attendant. He wasn’t actually joining us on the flight. No, he was staying firmly on the ground.

You see, WheezyJet had cut every corner on Flight BJ69. So everything on-board was automatic and we were the only living beings on the space ship. That would have been OK, if only the controls had been programmed correctly.

Unfortunately for us, soon after take off we found WheezyJet Flight BJ69 heading for disaster! The computer error meant that we would have to override the automatic controls and land the spaceship ourselves.

Yes, we were on Clue Adventures latest escape room adventure – Jet 2 Space.

Jet 2 Space winning team
Jet 2 Space winning team

This Space Adventure Escape Game is for 2 Players.

Like any other flight, you start your journey in airplane seats, reading through the safety card and watching the safety video. Then it becomes a race against time to gain control of the ship before you hurtle into deep space. A range of impressive puzzles keep things moving along nicely. As they say You’ll need to know your Uranus from your elbow in this fast-paced space adventure for 2.”

Did we manage to steer the ship to safety? Of course we did (with a bit of help from Ground Control).

A fantastic escape room for two in London. Book at Clue Adventures


Clue Adventures Jet2Space - photo by Juliamaud
Clue Adventures Jet2Space – photo by Juliamaud

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