Plan 52

It had been a while since we’d been asked to save the world when we got a call from our Danish counterparts, Henrik and Freja. They were heading to London on a covert mission to form an international team to solve the mystery of PLAN 52.

It seems a top secret fortress location for highly classified archives and data (PLAN 52) had been infiltrated and four agents who were stationed there had vanished without a trace. We were needed to find out what had happened.

We arranged to rendezvous at a building disguised as an escape room called ClueQuestOn arrival  we were briefed that the disappearances were the work of  Professor BlackSheep…..and there was proof he’d had help from a ClueQuest insider.

Our Games Master introduced us to the two main characters that appear in all of ClueQuests missions. Mr Q is the mouse who sets all of the assignments. His nemesis is the evil Professor Blacksheep, who is a black sheep. Pictures of them are displayed throughout the venue.

The GM went on to explain our mission and went through the types of locks we were likely to encounter. He also handed us a walkie-talkie device so we could communicate with him, and an electronic pad to take notes on.

We entered the spy agency with 60 minutes to complete our mission. Working together we completed some easy puzzles and some technically impressive ones. One was especially impressive and required all four of us working on different parts.

A fun room to play. 

And yes we managed to uncover the double-agent and escape within 55 minutes.

We Escaped Plan 52 at Clue Quest

We Escaped Plan 52 at Clue Quest

This escape room is recommended. There are 4 identical PLAN52 escape rooms available, so more than one team can play at a time. Details at Clue Quest

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