Escape From Dead Town

For Halloween we decided it was time to play a scary escape game. Hence the Zombie themed Escape From Dead Town. Turns out its not that scary.

The premise of the game is that a zombie virus or some such has infected people. You are trapped in the town overrun by the dead but there is a slim chance that you can escape. all you have to do is get to the military extraction point and be transported to safety. You will need to to collect supplies, track down the exact location of the extraction and avoid the zombies. Will you be able to do it?

In addition to the introduction leaflet you are given a map of the town. You also have the puzzle packs which contain each assignment to complete.

This game is not really a group game, as the puzzles are to be solved individually and then passed around. So not much interaction to solve them. Some are easier than others, and they are all different.

A fun, non-scary way to pass an evening…..and don’t forget to share and compare your answers. After all you don’t want to leave anyone behind do you?

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