Viking Valhalla

Having visited the Jorvik attraction in York we were keen to stick with the Viking theme and find a Viking themed Escape Room. Luckily we came across Viking Valhalla by Mindlock.

Unlike other escape rooms, where you try to escape before being killed, this one starts with you being dead. However, you have not made it to the afterlife, ie Valhalla. Instead you are trapped in limbo. Yes, you have died in battle, but your soul must complete a number of tasks to show you are worthy of ascending to Valhalla where you’ll spend eternity wining and dining with the Gods.

The Mission

Your Viking hoard have courageously battled foes and awake expecting to be dining with the Gods in Valhalla. Instead, you find yourselves in limbo having not yet completed some critical tasks to earn your place alongside them. Complete these tasks before your time runs out, please the Gods and earn your place in Valhalla. Thor and Odin await your team….

The Venue

The venue was easy to spot, right opposite Cliffords Tower. We climbed the stairs to the first floor reception and were greeted by our games master. After a quick briefing we were shown into the large, fairly sparce, room dominated by a wooden throne.

The game is linear, with one puzzle leading to another and plenty to keep the two of us occupied. There were a number of locks in the room…..but we’d already discovered in the Jorvik centre that Vikings did indeed have locks and keys. There were a fair number of maths puzzles too, but they were easy to work out, (ie no calculators needed.)

We did not feel rushed for time but were able to work steadily through the game. Despite a but of a hitch with the last puzzle mechanism (we were right but it did not register), we were able to “escape” to Valhalla with a few minutes to spare.

Did we find Viking Valhalla a fun room? Yes we did. Is it a great room that will challenge an enthusiast? No, but it is great for the general public who will love the Viking history theme in York.

Viking Valhalla

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