Operation E.G.G.

The City Adventurers were overjoyed to be asked to complete clueQuest’s newly developed agents training course.

The mission began by explaining that a new technology had been designed called the Elastic Gateway Generator. We were required to protect it from villainous Professor Blacksheep.

This print-cut-escape-mission had a number of egg references, starting with the name of the new technology – the Elastic Gateway Generator. Not really surprising as the game had originally been produced for Easter.

So, with notepads, pens, scissors and chocolate eggs, we settled down for another EGG-CITING EGG-SPERIENCE.

First we downloaded the PDF’s and cut out the game. There are 20 black and white pages to print at home. (Alternatively, you can opt to have it printed and sent to you.) For this game, you also have the option of slipping in a few in-jokes or personal references and/or incorporating an Easter Egg hunt into your game. We played the game as is.

Having entered the activation code to the computer, we got access to the story, plus the game timer and the hints and answer verification system. There are three assignments to be completed before the big finale with Professor Blacksheep.

Along the way, we were reunited with MM7, Mr. and Mrs. Q’s helpful and reliable reconnaissance droid. We’d first met in Mechanics of the Heart. This time MM7 was training to be a field agent.

There are a number of egg-related puns throughout the story (and the option of an Easter Egg hunt) but that doesn’t mean it can only be played in spring. This print and play game will be enjoyable all year round.

In fact, we found this to be the best print-cut-escape-mission we’ve done so far.

It was lots of fun to play with some great puzzles. We completed the mission in 57 minutes 54 seconds.

Operation E.G.G is rated 3 / 5 for difficulty and is available from Cluequest at https://cluequest.co.uk/print-cut-escape-missions/operation-egg

operation EGG

Disclosure: clueQuest kindly provided City Adventurers/Treasure Hunts in London reviewers with a complimentary play. This does not impact our opinion on the review.

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