Haunted House Trail

Halloween-themed haunted houses first emerged during the Great Depression as ways to distract young tricksters. Groups of families would deck out their basements with home made scary decorations. Then they would hold “house-to-house” parties, where the children would travel from basement to basement, experiencing different scary scenes. Trails Of Terror A 1937 party pamphlet is quoted in Lisa… More Haunted House Trail

Scary history

Not a big attraction in the UK (yet), there are over 1,200 professional haunted houses, 3,000 charity-run spookshows and 300 theme parks that operate horror-themed events in the United States. Creating scares is not a recent phenomenon – but in the past it was used for different purposes. The ancient Egyptians used scares to keep body… More Scary history


Eyam by Matt Hartley Matt Hartley’s new play Eyam, directed by Adele Thomas, opened in The Globe from  Saturday 15 September to 13th October 2018. It tells the story of what happened when the plague arrived in the Derbyshire village of Eyam in 1665. The community faced a moral dilemma. They had to decide whether to flee… More Eyam


Want to discover the history of the potato and fries? Then you need to visit the Frietmuseum in Bruges! This museum is devoted to the history of potatoes and the production of Belgian fries. It describes itself as “the first and only museum dedicated to potato fries”.  Potatoes originated in Peru more than 10,000 years… More Frietmuseum