Million Pound Heist

There had been persistent rumours of a notorious criminal gang in London stockpiling money. Invitation To Events dispatched their top team to break into the gang’s safehouse and relieve them of some of their cash. The quest began at the Enigma Quests building, near Liverpool Street. After a complimentary hot drink the team left the cozy sofas and soft bean… More Million Pound Heist

FOX in a BOX

Fox in a Box started in 2013 with an escape room in Vienna. Today its international franchise has over 20 location spread over 3 continents. Their stated aim is to have the brand Fox in a Box become the synonym for real life escape games. They currently have 7 different themed escape room adventures. The… More FOX in a BOX

The little car on big adventures in the big town

A group of us went exploring in the Cotswolds and discovered the motor museum that featured in the TV series Brum. The Cotswold Motoring Museum is in Bourton on the Water. As shown in the show, the museum has a big collection of motoring memorabilia as well as vintage car collections, classic cars and motorcycles, caravans and… More The little car on big adventures in the big town

Holy Foul- Up, Blackwing!

Black. The game started with complete darkness. And music… Edgy, scary music designed to make players nervous… We entered not knowing what to expect. Sure, we’d played other escape rooms. Ones where you sift through drawers and empty cupboards looking for clues. But this game was different. This game was the Breakin’ Blackwing’s Cave room… More Holy Foul- Up, Blackwing!