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Catherine Skeggs, the owner of Invitation To Events, has gone from engineering wannabe to successful auditor, to mystery writer and specialist in social team building.

How I came to be promoting socialising and having fun

"I’ve always loved writing but have also been drawn to science so choosing which path to follow, Arts or science, was hard. When I gave up English to pursue maths physics and chemistry A levels I assumed I was destined to be down the science path. But here I am with a BA and a writing and events career."

Catherine Skeggs, award winning author

"I’ve been writing murder mysteries for decades alongside my career as an auditor and work in the charity sector. I’ve written dinner party games, teen role play games, children’s games and fund raisers as part of ITM Games.

Then, in 2007, following a very successful career as an auditor in large commercial organisations and the public sector, I decided to give up finance and go to London Metropolitan University, where I got 1st class honours in Event Management. 

I set up Invitation To Events in 2011 and produced a full cast murder mystery play.

By 2013 I had included treasure hunts into the mix and set up Treasure Hunts In London.

In 2015 I wrote the book on social team-building called “What are we going to do next?”"

I've now started the social club - City Adventurers - for people who love discovering things and want to go exploring. As well as solving murder mysteries and escape rooms and going on treasure hunts, we visit exhibitions, museums, places of interest.....

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice I said "From engineering wannabe to successful auditor......."

Although I'd taken the maths/science route with a view to becoming an engineer, I soon realised that I was better suited to a financial career. I was an auditor in large commercial organisations and the public sector until 2017, when I gave it all up to pursue a new path.

And as for the engineering - Reader, I married him.

Catherine Skeggs with her husband
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