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Time to embark on thrilling adventures and live the life of your dreams with the City Adventurers!

Explore new places and discover hidden gems. Discover interesting and quirky places. Experience activities that are a little different.

Play games and complete puzzles. Investigate murder mysteries and complete  challenges in escape rooms.

Start living your best life today!

Adventure Time
Ian and Catherine

Why Invitation To Events?

As avid puzzle enthusiasts, we've

• written and performed mysteries and murder mysteries

• written and managed team-building treasure hunts

• played murder mysteries and treasure hunts across the world

• managed, played and reviewed escape rooms

• built a pop-up escape room

• designed and built numerous puzzles, games and adventures online and offline.

• And we've even written the book on social team building

Escape Rooms

Reviews of being locked in a room, with a mission to complete, 

Murder mystery

Murder Mystery

Share your passion for investigation and murder mystery with ITM Games

The City Adventurers

City Adventurers

The City Adventurers are a community of like-minded puzzle solving adventurers.

Social Team Building

Social Team Building

Treasure Hunts in London and What are we going to do next?

Are you ready for the ultimate puzzle solving adventure? Join The City Adventurers!

The City Adventuers is a social group for mature puzzle adventurers. Discover escape rooms, solve murder mystery puzzles and visit interesting places.

What are you waiting for? Start plotting your next puzzle solving adventure today!

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Armchair Detectives (online)