Escape Rooms

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Physical Escape Rooms

Physical Escape Rooms

City Adventueres often find themselves locked in a room, with a mission to complete.

Sometimes we are trying to solve a mystery. Others we are trying to collect as much cash as possible.
We have had to stop an explosion or two and, once, we even had to escape from a Zombie!

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Escape Room In A Box

Escape Room In A Box

When not physically locked in a room, City Adventueres love having a puzzle mission to complete.

There are a number of companies producing escape room games to play at home. Some are in a box, some are print and play, some are wholly online and some involve actors over the internet. 

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We have our very own pop up escape room

Story: You are a Group Travel Organiser. After a wonderful visit to a stately home and gardens, you are about to collect all your passengers for the journey home, when you discover the curators have already started locking up, using special puzzle locks!

You need to rescue your guests and get them onto the coach or you will all be staying the night! Your mission is to escape by solving clues and puzzles in this pop-up ‘Escape Room’ by Catherine Skeggs and Ian Thirkettle.

Escape the Stately Home by ITM Games

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