Social Team Building

Team Building and Treasure Hunts in London 

We no longer offer corporate Treasure Hunts or Teambuilding Activities.

Still Available :- The No 1 Book on Social Team building - What Are We Going To Do Next? - is still available from Amazon

Award Winning Author

FOREWORD (Extract)

I was unaware of the phrase Social Teambuilding until I had read Catherine’s book. This simple phrase has tendrils that reach into so many areas; how groups of friends or family’s bond, the importance of shared experiences, and how socialising is important at any time of life.
In What Are We Going To Do Next? Catherine shows that adventure can be found “on our doorstep”. She explains that adventures do not need to be physically demanding, nor in hostile environments. Adventures can be had within city environments. This fascinating book shows how social teambuilding builds memories and happiness. It explores how to find others who share our passion.
Drawing on years of experience, Catherine explores the importance of shared activities and experiences, and shows how to find adventures and mystery solving within the city.
Once you have read the book you will be able to spot the opportunities for fun adventures in your life.

Raymond Aaron, the NY Times Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker

Getting the award

Treasure Hunts in London - self guided adventures on your phone

Clues sent directly on your smartphone or tablet ( both Android and iOS )
Each hunt has a different theme
Only one app per team needed to play
Uses the free ClueKeeper app
Hunts costs £4.99 per team
Download the app

Step One 

Download the free ClueKeeper app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play

App Store

Google Play

Choose a treasure hunt

Step Two 

Click on the game link below to be taken to the ClueKeeper website.
There you can purchase your chosen hunt via secure Paypal payment

start exploring

Step Three 

With the game on your phone, the app leads you on your adventure.

It will give you the clues to solve as you explore.
Along the way discover interesting facts about the area.

need help?

Step Four 

Need help discovering the answer?

Don't worry, the app provides you with hints to keep you on track

tap in the answer

Step Five 

Once you have found the answer, just tap it into your smartphone or tablet. The app let you know you are right and give directions where to go next

discover history

Step Six 

Each clue and answer gives some historic insight into the area you are exploring. You can even use the hunts as walking tours using the "skip answer" function and learning about the area's history

Fairytale in the city

Fairytale In The City

Fairytale In The City
Explore the City of London in a Nursery Rhyme themed hunt search for virtual eggs.

Treasure Hunts In London
Available via ClueKeeper

Chingford Hunt

Chingford - A London Village

Chingford - A London Village
From country village to London suburb, see how this part of north London has changed.

Treasure Hunts In London
Available via ClueKeeper 

Cardiff Museum

Discover The National Museum Cardiff

Discover The National Museum Cardiff
Explore the National Museum of Wales on this music inspired trip

Treasure Hunts In London
Available via ClueKeeper