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29A Cherrydown Avenue

London E4 8DP

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Treasure Hunts

Join the hunt around the V&A for all things Scottish.

Discover art and artefacts from north of the border. Working in teams of 2 to 4 players you will be solving clues and puzzles, and answering questions.

How does the hunt work? Is it like a guided walk through the museum?

This is a Treasure Hunt. It is not like a guided walk. You will be required to HUNT for the TREASURE (which is the collection held within the V & A Museum).

You will have to solve the cryptic clue or puzzle to determine the object you are hunting.

Then you have to find the objects location within this top London museum.

Once you've found the object you can answer the question about it to win the points.  

What happens after the hunt?

We will rendezvous at a nearby bar for some wine (a soft drink can be requested). Treasure hunts in London staff will mark the answer sheets, announce the results and award prizes to the winning team.

Treasure Hunt

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V & A Museum

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