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29A Cherrydown Avenue

London E4 8DP

Tel: 07854 608314

email: contact@invitation2events.co.uk

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Your invitation to Clue Solving Adventures

Share your passion for investigation

with a

Murder Mystery

Dinner Party

Adult Dinner-Party Games

for 10 players.

Run Rabbit Run

Adult Dinner-Party Games

for 12 players.

Shotgun Wedding

Buying Your Game

Click the game link for your chosen game

You’ll be taken to a description of the game and the characters, on the ITM Games site.

There is a link to Paypal.

The “Buy” button takes you to the Treasure Hunts In London Paypal.me page with the name of the game you are buying

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to make your payment.

Shortly after you pay, you’ll be sent the game download information so you can print your game at home.

Adult Dinner-Party Games for 6 players.

Teddy Bear's Picnic

A New Years Revelation

Adult Dinner-Party Games for 8 players.

No Malist Aforethought

Lamb to the Slaughter

The Eight Deadly sinners

St Valentine's Day Masquerade

Run Rabbit Run

Shotgun Wedding

Hen Party Game

A Murderous Brood for 14 players

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